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VVC vid: Tear You Apart (Firefly)

Vid Title: Tear You Apart
Length: 4:18
Fandom: Firefly
Song/Artist: "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge
Summary: It feels so right. A Simon/Kaylee vid.
WARNING: Violent and disturbing imagery, including images that could imply rape; explicit lyrics

Download the M4V

Premiered in the anonymous Challenge show at VVC08. The insane younger sibling to obsessive24's Climbing Up The Walls.

Thanks to obsessive24 for her phenomenal beta work, and to kiki_miserychic, and bananainpyjamas for their help and reassurance. Banner by my Whedonverse fandom sister, thedothatgirl.

Please don't read the following notes until you've seen the vid. Thanks!


The first time I heard this song, it reminded me of the scene near the end of Serenity in which River watches Kaylee and her brother have sex. The curious, almost mechanical look on her face seemed at the same time cute and creepy. You know that she can feel exactly what they're feeling at the time, but her expression was like a computer analyzing the situation.

I started imagining how the development of Simon and Kaylee's relationship throughout the series - the repressed sexual desire, the dance of flirting and coy reciprocation, and so on - must have looked through the eyes of an empathic girl whose head was already filled with Reavers and violence and torture... and who was constantly in intimate situations with Simon.

Then I saw sdwolfpup's Fix You, and I knew how I wanted to structure the vid.

I never realized how tough it is to do a narrative reveal like that. My first draft showed River watching right from the beginning of the vid. I mean, it's not really a "reveal" when nothing is revealed at the end. My beta, obsessive24, pointed that out; and I also got some great advice and encouragement from kiki_miserychic and bananainpyjamas after that first draft.

In the end, I tried to make a vid that would look and feel fractured, but not really tell the viewer why it looks fractured until the final segment of the vid. Hopefully the first 2/3 of the vid looks different on a second viewing.

I tried to push the River POV by using lots of jump cuts and medical shots (tons of secondary source); and by connecting sexual desire to violence and Reavers, because I would imagine it would have all looked the same in River's head.

You can read bop_radar's illustrated commentary on the vid here.

got a big plan his mind said maybe it's right
at the right place and right time maybe tonight
in a whisper or handshake sending a sign
wanna make out and kiss hard wait nevermind

late night in passing mention it flip to her
best friend it's no thing maybe it slipped
but the slip turns to terror and a crush to like
and she walked in he froze up leave it to fright

it's cute in a way until you cannot speak
and you leave to have a cigarette knees get weak
escape was just a nod and a casual wave
obsess about it heavy for the next two days

it's only just a crush it'll go away
it's just like all the others it'll go away
or maybe this is danger and he just don't know
you pray it all away but it continues to grow

i want to hold you close
skin pressed against me tight
lie still close your eyes girl
so lovely it feels so right
i want to hold you close
soft breath beating heart
as i whisper in your ear
I wanna fucking tear you apart

then he walked up and told her thinking maybe it'd pass
and they talked and looked away a lot doing the dance
her hand brushed up against his she kept it there
told him how she felt and then they locked in a stare

they took a step back thought about it what should they do
cause there's always repercussions when you're dating in school
but their lips met and reservations started to pass
whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last

either way he wanted her and this was bad
wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
now a little crush turned into a like
and now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her

Hope you enjoy the vid. Please share your thoughts.
Tags: firefly, vid
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