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17 May 2007 @ 02:02 am
New vid: Vertigo - House S2 overview/character study - The Crystal Method  
Vid Title: Vertigo
Fandom: House M.D.
Song/Artist: "Weapons of Mass Distortion" by The Crystal Method
Duration: 3:48 (wmv/stream)
Summary: Season 2 overview/character study
Warning: S2 spoilers, intense images

Download the M4V

Hope you enjoy the vid. Please share your thoughts.
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Nickyobsessive24 on May 17th, 2007 07:33 am (UTC)
It's up! It's fantastic! Be back (hopefully soon) with incoherent thoughts and much love.
bradcpubradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:12 pm (UTC)
Don't stress! Sounds like you're being run ragged over there.
(Anonymous) on May 17th, 2007 09:49 am (UTC)
wow. I haven't seen a vid or yours for a lonog time and I am impressed.
This is one kind of an accomplishement. I love it. The vertigo feeling is definitely present throughout the entire thing.
You've made such great motion work and connection/transition in this vid, my favourite being the gun at 1:00 connecting to the board then the patient. You got my complete attention at that moment. My ultimate favorite is the last one at 3:43. It's so perfect. I'm in awe just for this shot. :)
Some moments that I also loved were : the fast cells shot at 1:34, the connection at 1:56...
I would have never thought of doing a video like this with this show and it's quite a success to me what you manage to do. so bravo :)

bradcpubradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
I really appreciate the detailed thoughts, buffyann. That helps let me know what works so I can hopefully keep improving.

The connections were fun to play with, and House is so beautifully shot that it made it all feel really easy (especially since my last vid used a 20-year-old movie with virtually no movement). In fact, that last shot was just perfect in the source, so I didn't really do anything to it.

Thanks again. More than anything, I'm just glad you enjoyed watching it.
frogfarm on May 17th, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
As always when viewing your work, the only thoughts I have revolve around how I can eat your brain and absorb your power.
bradcpu: Coffee!bradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:19 pm (UTC)
Oh if only it worked that way. I can think of a lot of sweet, delicious brains I'd be after. Mmm, brains.

Urm, thank you. ;)
(Deleted comment)
bradcpubradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
Hey, I got a sister rec!

I don't know, I thought House S2 kicked a good bit of posterior. Plus it was shot so well it was just begging to be vidded. It's probably the best-shot source footage I've ever worked with, including movies and everything.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Steph.
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - bradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Steph: Neil Perry theatre happinessstephantom on May 17th, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
Holy crap! That looks professional. Amazing job. The shots you used and the way you mixed them and timed them to the music was wonderful and really did create a sense of vertigo and confusion and all around awesomeness.
bradcpubradcpu on May 17th, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much! I was definitely trying to get the confusion vibe going. I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for letting me know.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Boppybop_radar on May 17th, 2007 11:41 pm (UTC)
Thank heavens for imeem! You know how desperate I was to get home and watch the new vids yesterday? Well, the universe decided to thwart me and my broadband chose yesterday to pack it in. :-( No downloady for me! But today I brought in headphones to work and raced to watch this. \o/

I love it! You got points from me simply for the track you used--love it! But I'm really impressed with the nightmarish quality you've given it and the trippiness. I get squicked by medical stuff pretty easily, but it's the mental f-overs in House that really get to me--and you integrated both really effectively. It was, yes, very intense viewing--but that's true of S2 of House and true to the character. I liked the out of control edginess and particularly appreciate that you didn't glamourise House himself (as I have issues with that).

The way you used both footage of patients and footage of the doctors had me reflecting on the theme of doctor-as-patient in this season, and the accompanying absence of power and out-of-control dizziness/nausea. I'll look forward to downloading it and watching it again.

It was also just super cool! ;-)
bradcpu: Warlowbradcpu on May 18th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry to hear about your broadband issues. I'm hoping to do a roundup of style contest entries later today, if everything works out. Maybe that'll help.

that you didn't glamourise House himself (as I have issues with that).

It was more like the opposite. :)

The point of the whole vid is to show House (and the viewer) discovering that he *is* the disease. He's the "rapist." He's the deranged cop with the gun. And then to show why. I guess that makes it a character study, but really I think that was the point of S2 as a whole... so in my mind it's still just an overview. I'm not really adding anything, just sort of summarizing.

Same thing with the look. It was just the impression that the season gave me visually. Plus it was a pretty trippy season - not to mention kind of brutal.

Thanks again, Bop! I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.
(no subject) - bop_radar on May 18th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC) (Expand)
Semi-Obsessive Mesol_se on May 18th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Wow! That was just brilliant!
bradcpu: Serenitybradcpu on May 18th, 2007 10:08 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it!
Katie: house O:jaddziadax on May 19th, 2007 02:55 pm (UTC)
awesome i liked it alot :)
bradcpubradcpu on May 20th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)
I'm glad you did, and thanks for letting me know!
laurashapiro on May 19th, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
This is MADE OF AWESOME. I love how it's totally transformative, on the edge of constructed reality, turning a medical drama into a horror show with deft song and clip choices, but always spiraling back to House himself at the center, both the conductor and the instrument of all the violent chaos.

bradcpubradcpu on May 20th, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
What's really amazing is how well you read it. I'm awful at trying to explain what I was trying to do, so I just vid it the best I can and let *you* explain it. :) You're a lot better at it.

Thank you so much for the wonderful reply. Maybe it was just because of the way you laid it all out, but I admit when I logged on and read that it was this great sense of relief... the first time I've felt like the vid was successful - that it connected - in the way that I had hoped. It really means a lot to me.
(no subject) - laurashapiro on May 20th, 2007 03:28 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - bradcpu on May 20th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - laurashapiro on May 21st, 2007 05:59 pm (UTC) (Expand)
La Fahyette: [house] chase thinks you're awesomefahye on May 20th, 2007 12:15 am (UTC)
Oh, wow. That was a mindfuck in the best possible way and I absolutely loved it - I expect I'll be pimping it quite a bit :)
bradcpubradcpu on May 20th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
a mindfuck in the best possible way

That had me in stitches! (doh! sorry for the awful pun) I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. And yay for pimping - I'm flattered.

And yay for your icon!
Wendykitkatbyte on May 20th, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
Wow! I have never seen a House vid like this! You made the show look so edgy!
bradcpubradcpu on May 20th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it. There was a lot of grittyness and edge in S2 - that's part of what I was trying highlight. So I appreciate you saying that!
The sanest lunatic you've ever met: duesouth: awesomesdwolfpup on May 21st, 2007 01:18 am (UTC)
That wsa amazing. And creepy - the shot where House's face sort of...melts? I got chills. You used some really wonderful shots and you used them at the moments of maximum impact, and built up the atmosphere around them to make the whole vid feel almost surreal, even though house is at the center of it. With all of the spinning and the shower shots, it feels like things twirling and going down the drain.
bradcpu: Warlowbradcpu on May 21st, 2007 04:13 am (UTC)
Wow, thanks so much! You're a real master of clip choice and construction, so I'm flattered in a big way seeing that.

it feels like things twirling and going down the drain
Nice! Reading that really helps me see it through the viewer's eyes, which I'm not always able to do. I'm not sure that analogy consciously occurred to me during editing, but it's certainly in line with what I was trying to say about the character with this vid - visually and otherwise. So that's definitely a Yay, with a capital Y.
Ashinaeashinae on May 21st, 2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
Wow. I'm not the greatest at coherent feedback, but this was great. I loved the music, loved the choice of clips -- normally I have a hard time with instrumental vids, but I actually got right to the end of the vid right before I even noticed that there were no words. It just gripped and wouldn't let go. I love how it makes the season look so action packed and kind of trippy. Amazing!
bradcpubradcpu on May 22nd, 2007 07:35 am (UTC)
Well, your feedback sounded pretty great to me. I'm glad you weren't bothered by the fact that there were no words. The song has so much movement and so much musicalization going on that it seemed to imply a journey even without lyrics, otherwise I don't think I would have been brave enough to use it.

I love how it makes the season look so action packed and kind of trippy
That's pretty much how the season felt to me, and definitely a big part of what I was trying to get across in the vid. So it's really cool to read that. Thanks very much!
kiki_miserychickiki_miserychic on May 21st, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
Excuse me while I sit here in complete awe.
:00-:20 - The inside to out clip choice is perfect starting in close on the eyes and easing back gradually. (Hi Charlie!) Love the water thread that you pull throughout.
:22 - Way cool subtle effect there on House that reminds me of what you did in Living Dead Girl.
There's some freaking amazing pacing and music matching. Holy crap nut. And the time toggling is flinking awesome. You do so much with the little action that was given and you drain it for all it's worth and more. (Hi Samatha and Kip!)
:59 - Love, love, love the slow down with the bullet beautifully into the white board and then fade to STD boy (Hi Zach!) is fabulous.
I like that you bring in the regulars, but you don't pull them front and center to take away from everyone else in the vid. It's a fine balance that you really nailed.
1:13 - Eye opening!
1:21 - Ewww! That's where he rubbed his STD on her. Also, your editing and movement is seriously kicking ass. The intercutting between House on the motorcycle and the red blood cells in the veins is great.
1:40's - Great editing on the runway section. (Hi Meredith!) It could have fell apart there and looked stupid, but you pulled it off well.
1:45 - I'm so lame that I didn't notice that you have clips of that one kid (Hi Scotty!) when I thought it was still House.
2:00 - Whoa, I love the way you edited them all falling apart so seamlessly.
2:10's - Your pacing is spectacular. I can't believe how awesome this is. Using the running down time is genius.
This whole thing could just be one huge hallucination.
2:30ish - Nice use of the :00 beat.
2:40 - Using the pin prick to amp it back up with the water was cool.
2:58 - Great music match with the face melting.
3:02 - OMG, the punches and the follow through is skillful "liek whoa".
3:00's - The gun theme is lovely, as is the bathroom mirror section. Seriously. If there was a college cource on vidding, they should use that section.
3:43 - And that melt from face to face is freaking cool.
In short: you bastard!
bradcpu: slayerbradcpu on May 22nd, 2007 07:53 am (UTC)
Oh schnikes.

Seriously, when I saw your reaction and the timestamps, I was just beside myself. (That's me over there) Plus you picked up on so much and seemed to see it exactly the way I did when I was putting it together! You're just awesome.

I have to admit, opening on Kip!Eye was a (literal) wink at obsessive24. This vid debuted in the Reverie anonymous "style contest," and that was my little "Hi, it's me!" Heh. I wonder if she got it.

Way cool subtle effect there on House that reminds me of what you did in Living Dead Girl
It's neat that you noticed that connection. It's the exact same contrast shift.

Ewww! That's where he rubbed his STD on her
Heh. I like how the shot looks so deceptively reverent. I just love the expression on her face.

you have clips of that one kid (Hi Scotty!) when I thought it was still House
Really?? That is so amazing to hear!

This whole thing could just be one huge hallucination.
And that's one of my favorite comments *ever*. Big huge grin now. And ego.

If there was a college cource on vidding, they should use that section
Ugh. A college course on vidding. There's a way to ruin the fun. Err... but thanks. :)

In short: you bastard!
OK, new favorite comment.

The coolest thing is just that you watched and liked it. There aren't very many people I'd rather entertain or impress than you, and that's the truth.

In short: I'll be bookmarking this post.
(no subject) - kiki_miserychic on May 22nd, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC) (Expand)
the girl with her many obsessions: totally incrediblewistfuljane on May 22nd, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
Wow. Fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping, just wow.
bradcpu: Serenitybradcpu on May 22nd, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for telling me so.