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01 October 2006 @ 02:46 pm
New vid: "I Feel You" - Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Depeche Mode  
Vid Title: I Feel You
Fandom: Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Artist/Song: Depeche Mode - "I Feel You"
Duration: 4:49 wmv
Characters: El Mariachi, Carolina
Summary: Action-flavored study of the main character and central relationship
Warning: Nudity, sex, violence, and spoilers

Download the M4V

It shows the main character trying to come to terms with his regrets about how he pulled Carolina into his violent life, how it changed her. In the end he realizes that she changed him, and his violent life is gone because of that. Now she'll always be a part of him - the part that makes him "whole." That's the reason for the focus on the wounded left hand that had prevented him from playing.

The movies are so beautifully filmed that I originally thought this would be entirely narrative-free, just all about the images. But once I started planning, I saw that the time gap between the films (about 10 years) was an asset - the main character looks much older in the final movie. That led me to the flashback concept.

Visually, I was trying to let go of old editing habits here and work toward a more organic flow. It was scary. Hold me.


I Feel You - Depeche Mode

I feel you, your sun it shines
I feel you within my mind
You take me there, you take me where
The kingdom comes
You take me to, lead me through

This is the morning of our love
It's just the dawning of our love

I feel you, your heart it sings
I feel you, the joy it brings
Where heaven waits, those golden gates
And back again
You take me to and lead me through

I feel you, your precious soul
And I am whole
I feel you, your rising sun
My kingdom comes

I feel you, each move you make
I feel you, each breath you take
Where angels sing and spread their wings
My love's on high
You take me home to glory's throne
By and by

Hope you enjoy the vid. Please share your thoughts.
Nickyobsessive24 on October 1st, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
OMG OMG so excited. Downloading right now. Be right back.

Also to let you know, the folks over at vidding aren't enamoured of graphics, so you might want to put it under a cut. ;)
bradcpubradcpu on October 1st, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
Someone over at vidding just said the same thing. First time I've attempted a graphic so I had no idea. Not taking any chances - I just deleted it. Thanks for letting me know.

Hope the vid doesn't disappoint.
Nickyobsessive24 on October 1st, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
WHEEEEE!!!!!! It's so pretty!!!!! Just the right mix of narrative and visuals and mood.

Let me preface this by saying I've always wanted to vid this song (Babylon 5, I'm so creative when it comes to lyrics) but haven't been sure about how to approach it. The song doesn't instinctively feel like a "viddy" song to me, but you used it beautifully and that's much kudos to you. The crossfades really worked here, I couldn't tell which were your own input and which were from source. Plus, they worked with the choppy feel of the song, rather than against it, which is surprising in a good way - You managed to acknowledge the underlying strong rhythm while still holding onto the more flowy, "sticky" outer layer of guitars with the crossfades and clip connections, which I think constituted a lot of my concerns about this song originally.

Clip connections were fabulous. Oh, you are so the master at that, it's really become one of your hallmarks. It took me a wee while to figure out that the little boy was a representation of him, but once it clicked it made a lot of sense.

Lovely fade/tracking shot into the start of the music.
0:33 - love that speeding up
0:34 - also love that motion on the beat
0:41 - "the sun it shines" with the light. And then cutting to the scene in the bar and you recall the lines about how his face is always in shadow, which sets up the significance of Carolina very very early on.
0:53 - love that shadow on his face with the music
LOVED the cutting back and forth between him guitaring/shooting along the countertop.
1:18 - nice connection with the hair-pulling-back
1:22 - love that hand motion there
1:24 - ooh! Very subtle little speed/cut there! Very nice.
1:34 - how cool is that facial expression connection there? Lovely!
1:35 - seriously, words can't express how cool these time toggles are.
1:44 - I like that. A very nice metaphor for falling in love, and also intercut with him literally falling off the edge of the building. Followed by another batch of intensely cool clip connections.
1:55 - that moment of action is fantastic. Absolutely spot-on. And I love how it followed through to the jumping-off-bus.
2:03 - hand motion on the guitar twang!
2:13 - another wonderful match to the music
2:20 - love that. Hehe, I'm such a sucker for on-beat movement. Again at 2:23 and 2:24.
"rising sun/my kingdom comes" - I felt those lyric matches were really appropriate, what with the candles and then the explosion later. Also nice use of source crossfades
2:36 - love the fade to the Day of the Dead parade.
And then it goes crazy! The skull explodes, he gets shot, she gets shot, just a huge mishmash of most excellent clip connections.
2:57 - nice head movement there
3:00 - oh, that connection is gorgeous.
3:07 - that's where the metaphor really clicked home for me. Genius! Personal favourite bit in the vid.
3:14 - another very very evocative moment, echoing the "he is already dead" sentiment.
3:21 - love that slamming-down-but-not-quite, cut to him jerking awake, and then the birds flying away on "spread their wings".
3:32 - a great place to use those fades from source.
3:50 - very poignant contextual clip connection with the flying notes and "this is the dawning of our love", one being the actual dawning of their love and one much later, when everything is gone for him, yet there's a "dawning" behind him. (In two senses? Literally the sun, and metaphorically the revolution?)
3:57 - that pan around fitted beautifully with the music.
4:11 - gorgeous flames going out on beat
4:24 - oh, I liked that. Just a little fractured bit of consciousness.
And a very good ending also!
bradcpu: mal drawbradcpu on October 2nd, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
This gave me a huge smile: Just the right mix of narrative and visuals and mood. That was what I was most worried about. So easy to lose the balance and tip toward one of those or another. So seeing that was a big "whew" moment.

I hope I haven't dampened your desire to vid to the song! I know what you mean about the song not feeling instinctively "viddy," but the rhythm of it seemed to encourage the style of flow I wanted for the editing. Plus it really seemed to fit the subject matter, with the bouncy western sound.

Very happy I was able to mimic Rodriguez's style well enough. The crossfade-tastic source footage is great when you let it work for you, but when you try to manipulate it in any way it fights you like crazy. And reproducing his "flashback" sequences was a - heh - nightmare.

I had a lot of fun with the clip connections on this one. Originally had lots more planned (more of the little boy mirroring his movements, more of the little girl representing Carolina, etc.), but then the scale tips too far to narrative. Really wanted the second verse/chorus to go on a lot longer, though. So much more to show!

Thanks so much for the timestamps! Several of the things you mentioned (in a positive way) were things I was concerned about. I was very unsure whether the time toggle would ruin the mood, for one. Another was the "fractured" moment as he looks into the mirror (originally had lots more like that and toned it down a bit). So reading your comments about those was hugely reassuring.

This is my first time using a sex scene, so I'm happy to see you thought the match to that part was appropriate. I tried to crossfade their faces (particularly Carolina's) into the skulls in the parade, but it happens so fast I wasn't sure if it would come through.

As usual, I'm really impressed by how much you picked up on as far as narrative and symbolism. The structure was all based on the "this is the morning/dawning" line - the first time being when they meet (and she sees who he really is); the second when she leaves her life behind for his; the third when he realizes how she changed him and how their love will never end. Each is a new beginning.

But mostly it was just about trying to show off the purty footage. The narrative was just an excuse to do that.

I'm SO glad you enjoyed it! You're really my barometer for success, so... yay!
DC: zeldabananainpyjamas on October 1st, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
Oooh is this the vid you were planning to enter at the FNVAs? If so I'll hold off on feedback, but I can't wait to watch it! I need to see just how (supposedly) pr0ny it is. ;)
bradcpubradcpu on October 1st, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)
Yep, this is my FNVA entry. So no FB, please. (I hope you enjoy it, though)
Charmaxcharmax on October 3rd, 2006 10:24 am (UTC)
Although I'm aware of the films I haven't actually seen them but your vid makes them seem so hot and cool at the same time. I love the visuals and the comparisons you draw guns and guitars, boy and man, woman and man the cross fade between the characters and the skull masks *shivers*. All done so well and it was so shocking when the boy shows up dead it nearly stopped me in my tracks because you'd made me care about him.
I love the editing style of this and I think you totally nailed the organic flow you were aiming for.
bradcpubradcpu on October 3rd, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks, charmax. It means a lot coming from you.

The movies do look "hot and cool," so it's reassuring that the vid comes across that way. The gun-guitar comparison was central to the films, so I can't take full credit for that, but I'm thrilled by your reaction to the skulls and the use of the boy. Always tough to gauge how impactful comparisons like that will be, but particularly with a different editing style and somewhat obscure fandom. So I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
kiki_miserychickiki_miserychic on October 10th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
take me to and lead me through
It's been so long since I've watched the films that some of the meaning is lost on me.
:00-22 - Great opening sounds with the drawn out close up clips leading into a sort of flashback. It really got me into the mindset.
:30's - Nice time toggle.
:40's - Aww, the sunlight.
:50's - More great time toggling.
1:00's - OMG, the gun and guitar flip and then the shooting and playing on the bar.
1:23 Way cool continuing his hand through his hair into a different scene.
1:29 - Him dragging a line of blood along the wall is an image I clearly remember from the movie.
1:38 - Your tiny time toggles are so expert.
1:50 - Love that beat
1:53 - Great matching of the musical "ahh" to the sweep in on Carolina.
2:09-2:20 - You're so great with the action by not letting it get in the way of the emotion.
2:21 - Dude, seriously, I'm just not going to comment on the awesomeness of your time toggling anymore.
2:50 - Holy shit, that fade from Carolina into the poster of the dia de los muertos kills me. And then back again using another two skulls, then back to the explosion. My favorite part of the vid right there in those finely crafted ten seconds or so.
3:11-3:36 - You're so good with conveying his emotions and getting the metaphors across.
3:33 - Love, love that bit of Carolina flinging back.
3:36 - Awesome beat.
3:42-3:47 - Excellent section of them there with the fades, then they're gone.
3:58 - Prettiest frame ever.
Great use of the guitar work.
4:00's - Cool having the money connect the frames.
Very emotionally charged ending. Love the shot of El pulling back from the mirror and with all the jump cuts.

After reading your notes and the other comments, your use of the sex scene worked well and was entirely appropriate. The narrative works wonderfully as well. There's a taste of Rodriguez in the editing. I watched an extra on the OaTiM where he cook and he edited it the same way he did his movies.
bradcpu: slayerbradcpu on October 10th, 2006 08:37 am (UTC)
Re: take me to and lead me through
It's funny, while I was making this vid I was wondering which line you'd pick for your reply subject. I was sure you'd go with "my kingdom comes". Heh.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for the timestamps!

1:29 - Him dragging a line of blood along the wall is an image I clearly remember from the movie.

That shot was the catalyst for the original vid idea and the song choice - back when I was just going to go without a narrative.

I'm really happy you liked the sweep in on Carolina to the backup vocals. Also seriously geeking out that you picked out the skull/fade-ins to the explosion. :) I was worried that was way too subtle.

And I'm ecstatic that you liked the guitar work. I spent a silly amount of time doing time toggle work to make him play along with the song, so it's so cool to see someone mention it.

A "taste" of Rodriguez, eh? Double entendre much? Seriously, thanks. I was trying to match his style, but it's so funky and hard to replicate.

I saw the cooking one too. In fact a guy at work made that dish for one of our company dinners. I think the "15 minute film school" on El Mariachi is probably my favorite bit on those movies, though.

Thanks so much for checking it out. I realize this isn't the most popular fandom around, so every bit of FB is just pure gold since I was so unsure about the style here. Plus feedback from you is like double the coolness because... well, you rock!
kiki_miserychickiki_miserychic on October 16th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)
Re: take me to and lead me through
It's funny, while I was making this vid I was wondering which line you'd pick for your reply subject. I was sure you'd go with "my kingdom comes". Heh.
Heheheh, that's cool. Also... perv. :)

I'm really happy you liked the sweep in on Carolina to the backup vocals. Also seriously geeking out that you picked out the skull/fade-ins to the explosion. :) I was worried that was way too subtle.
My two favorite parts. The skulls thing is so freaking pimp. When I watched the first time I thought it saw it, so when I was done I went back and slowed it down to see the full extent of how cool that section is.

Once again, the guitar work was great.

I was such a bad movie watcher when I saw the El series. I watched them in reverse order.

double the coolness because... well, you rock!
Heck yes, thanks.
fenlingsfenlings on October 14th, 2006 01:51 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, I loved this. So pretty.
bradcpubradcpu on October 15th, 2006 04:41 am (UTC)
Thanks! Rodriguez and the source footage definitely deserves all of the credit for the prettiness. Except when I take credit for it instead. Like now.
thedothatgirl: 2hotthedothatgirl on November 1st, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
I feel like someone late for a party - yet I bring feedback cake so I hope all is forgiven.

Like I posted over at Reverie - so sensual and intense, a vid I could watch over many times. I see Nicky has timed stamped just about everything but I add my tuppenyworth of 'things that made me go squee' on the second viewing. The boy/thug peeping round the corner, the gun blast at around 0.58 followed by the strut on the bar (in time to the music of course) and the head nod *awesome*. The mirrored clips of lip biting and falling. The carress of the face at ' I feel you'. I loved the faces fading into skulls and back again so cool.

The ending was especially cool. Depeche Mode - perfect choice. They used to play at my local nightclub before they were famous, they seem so much cooler now. Whoda thunk?
bradcpubradcpu on November 1st, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
Yay, you liked it! I never want you feel like you need to FB because it's all about enjoying the vid. But it's still nice reading this. :)

Love the expression "things that make me go squee". Heh. I'm glad you liked the peeping-around-the-corner parts. I wanted to start with some mood-setting and tension-building, but I also wanted everything to feel very hot. I puzzled for a long time before settling on those two clips. There were tons of mood-setting shots like that in the first film, "El Mariachi," but it used a different film stock and different actors so I couldn't use any of the footage from that.

It's SO cool that Depeche Mode used to play there! Did you ever manage to see them back then?
thedothatgirl: dothat2thedothatgirl on November 2nd, 2006 10:45 am (UTC)
I wanted to see this vid for sometime but didn't want to watch it quickly and then rush feedback as your vids are far more deserving than that. Plus how could I not let you know how cool this was?

It's SO cool that Depeche Mode used to play there! Did you ever manage to see them back then?

Oh yes many times, they came from the town where the club was located. I have an old photo somewhere of them on stage Dave Gahan looks so young in a suit - heh. I think Vince Clark was in the band then too. Also Boy George & Culture Club, I only realised 'she' was a 'he' when I saw the hairy arms.