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14 August 2015 @ 03:31 pm
VVC vid recs!  
Just a handful of my favorite premieres from Vividcon last weekend:

Landslide (by Milly)
Hogwarts POV. I love my wife.

Afire Love (by Anoel)
Gut-wrenching look at the beginnings of AIDS in the U.S., using multiple sources.

Warriors (by John)
A very effective recruiter vid for The 100. IS THIS THE SHOW?? Also, the build toward the end is just sublime.

Bad Blood (by Milly)
Buffy/Faith, in a totes serious way.

A couple of Club Vivid favs!

1941 (by Rho)
The best pitch I've seen for Agent Carter, highlighted by some really clever music matching.

Anaconda (by Milly)
It's a Black Widow vid. To Anaconda.

Vid more video games please!

Journey (by SDWolfpup)
A gorgeous overview of the look, feel, and mood-focused narrative flow of this surprisingly moving game.

Madhouse (by Jetpack Monkey)
The vidder turned 15-year-old indie platformer Psychonauts into a surprisingly cohesive and enjoyable vid. Love the pacing and how well the cutscenes, gameplay, and artwork are blended.