bradcpu (bradcpu) wrote,

New vid: "The Polka Slayer" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Into every generation a polka is born.
By bradcpu and milly.

Length: 4:24
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song/Artist: Polka Power by Weird Al Yankovic
Premiered at Vividcon 2013.
AO3 post / Tumblr post

Download the M4V

This is quite possibly the silliest, geekiest thing either of us have ever made, which is saying something. And it's totally not a rip off of absolutedestiny's Firefly vid Rodeohead, except that it is.


We split this up into 15 sections/vidlets, with each of us editing about half of them.

The intro and graphics were made by Milly
"Wannabe" was edited by Brad
"Flagpole Sitta" was edited by Brad
"Ghetto Supastar" was edited by Milly
"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" was edited by Milly
"Walking on the Sun" was edited by Brad
"Intergalactic" was edited by Milly
"Tubthumping" was edited by Milly
"Ray of Light" was edited by Milly
"Push" was edited by Brad
"Semi-Charmed Life" was edited by Brad
"The Dope Show" was edited by Brad
"MMMBop" was edited by Milly
"Sex and Candy" was edited by Brad
"Closing Time" was edited by Brad

Last winter I did a test version of Flagpole Sitta (the Angel segment) to show milly the kind of tone I was thinking for the vid as a whole - and to convince her that this crackiness may actually work. She laughed - in a good way - so it was game on.

We started planning by assigning it the way you see above - along with some, er, intense negotiation over who got to do Ghetto Supastar. Then we talked about transitions, how to go from one character or plot point to the next. milly created the master file in Premiere and worked on her segments on her laptop, while I worked on a desktop PC in another room. As I finished each of my parts, she'd import them into her timeline.

Each of us had total control of our segments, but we tried to end them in a way that led into the start of the other person's segment. So, for instance, milly knew that I planned to start Walking On The Sun ("the Slayer segment") with Riley and Adam standing up during the dream in "Restless," so she ended Everybody with a shot from earlier in that scene.

We wanted to keep it as chronological as possible, with Intergalactic being the major exception because it just screamed for the Troika. (Or duo, on this case... Milly kept Warren out of that segment for the most part because she found that whenever you saw his face the vid tended to stop being funny.) We batted around the idea of using Giles, Xander, and Spike in Tubthumping, or just one of the three - likely Giles. In the end we went with Giles and Xander mainly because they were the most underrepresented elsewhere in the vid. There were so many other arcs and characters we had to mostly leave out - Oz! Tara! Cordy! - but they just didn't fit as well and we wanted to keep the focus on the core Scoobies.

Some of the sections go to a pretty heavy place, so we used lots of sped-up clips and silly faces to try to keep it from getting *too* emo. Also, holy crap that song is fast! When you're clipping you tend to hear the original (non-polka) version in your head and picture it that way, and then you put it on the timeline and nothing is ever fast enough. Or wacky enough.

milly mentioned at one point that she got all of the silly parts and I got all of the adult ones. But it all seemed pretty fun to me. It's Buffy!

Hope you enjoy the vid.
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