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12 March 2010 @ 09:31 am
New vid: "Lightning Field" (Legend of the Seeker)  

"I'll be everything I'm not." A Cara/Kahlan vid.

Length: 4:18
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Characters: Cara/Kahlan, with a bit of C/L and some R/K
Song/Artist: Sneaker Pimps
Spoilers through S2.12

Download the M4V

Vimeo stream here
Password: higherthings

God, this show. This fandom! How is either one real?? It's so amazing in so many ways - all of the pretty and the fun and the slow motion Epicness, and all of the fans squeeing themselves into oblivion. I'm kicking myself for not getting into it sooner.

I started watching Seeker in season 2, not long after Cara showed up. I loved all of the crack to bits, but what really hooked me on the show was Cara's slow process of rediscovering her own humanity, largely through Kahlan. This vid's about that journey through the first half of S2, and the down side of Cara opening herself up to emotions again.

The relationship feels like a romantic one to me, at least in a certain way. I'm not trying to go AU with the vid, just trying to present Cara and her canon ship with Kahlan exactly as I see it in the show. More specifically, I'm trying to show how I think Cara has come to see herself (and how she's come to see Kahlan), in a way that Cara would never admit.

I think it's funny that I had to avoid using some of the most memorable C/K scenes because they don't really fit in a vid like this. It was bizarre to spend so much time trying to tone down the sex metaphors. I mean, Cara fights using a magic phallus, and Kahlan turns people into mindless love slaves by touching them and staring into their eyes. This show!

Thanks to milly for the gorgeous banner, to obsessive24 for pointing me toward the song, and to my entire friends list for enduring my squeesplosion over this show. For those of you who haven't seen the show, hopefully the vid will give you some idea of what I've been so excited about.

Random thing: The night I finished and uploaded the vid there was a massive electrical storm here, and it hasn't stopped raining in the three days since.

Even more random thing: I'm way too amused by the fact that Legend of the Seeker + Sneaker Pimps = Legend of the Sneaker (spoilers). Did I mention the part where this fandom is insane?

"Lightning Field" by Sneaker Pimps

Strike me down, give me everything you've got
Strike me down, I'll be everything I'm not
Count the questions on one hand
You don't ask me what I've planned
Strike me down, should have asked me what went wrong
Strike me down, should have stayed away too long

Should have stayed away too long

Strike me down, give it everything you've got
Chance me now, I'll be everything I'm not
Hope's the child of what luck brings
Points to faith in higher things
Ask me now, fire at everything at once
Strike me down, take it any way you want

Take it any way you want

Strike me down, should have left it all unknown
Strike me down, should have held it all alone
Wash the questions off my hands
I'm the fate in no one's plans
Strike me down, give it everything you've got
Strike me down, I'll be everything I'm not

I'll be everything I'm not

Hope you enjoy the vid. Please share your thoughts.
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were_duck on March 12th, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
here via giandujakiss
Holy cow. I have never seen this show, so I can't comment from that perspective, but this vid is really awesome. It's gorgeous and the movement is so beautifully cut, and the tension is so strong that I was literally holding my breath in parts. I love the way you've shown us the fraught relationship between these two women--it really gelled for me at 2:57, after we've seen the blonde's jealousy and then the brunette looks at her like she's really seeing her, and then there's lots of kink imagery. (Um. And they tell me this is a show for kids?!?) Beautiful work!
telepresencetelepresence on March 12th, 2010 05:38 pm (UTC)
Re: here via giandujakiss
"Um. And they tell me this is a show for kids?!?"

Noo. Whoever "they" are, they're incorrect. Yes, it's a sometimes goofy fluffy fantasy show, which means it has elements commonly associated with kiddie programming, but the content is really not appropriate for kids, IMO. Not less than teens at least. Lots of sexual or sexualized content, lots of torture, lots of skin, lots of heavy emotional themes, lots of non-ha-ha death, lots of people making seriously morally dark choices.

I'm not trying to say the show is Shakespeare, but its not for kids, no.
bradcpu: Cara Mord'Sithbradcpu on March 13th, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)
Re: here via giandujakiss
I totally agree. That idea probably just came from the fact that it's produced by ABC/Disney.
bradcpu: Confess mebradcpu on March 13th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Re: here via giandujakiss
I'm really flattered that you watched and enjoyed it so much despite the fact that you don't know the show. Thank you so much! It's also enlightening (and reassuring) to read such positive impressions from someone outside the fandom. The show is very visual and very kinetic, so I felt it *could* lend itself well to a vid with non-fandom appeal - if I didn't get in the way. The kink imagery is so engrained in the source that I actually had to work to lessen its presence, even in a non-canon 'ship.

The moment of seeing after 2:57 really felt just as impactful in the same way in source, and that scene was the main inspiration for the vid. The blonde was asking the brunette to kill her by taking over her mind. The canon relationship is surprisingly deep and textured.